Usual questions from our guests


Usual questions from our guests


Is it possible to arrive after midnight?

Answer: Igdlo Guesthouse is equipped with code lock on the front door so providing you tell us about late arrivals we can provide you with instruction to enter the house.

How can we pay for our stay?

Answer: Igdlo Guesthouse accepts all major credit cards and all major currencies.

What does Igdlo mean?

Answer: Igdlo is an old Greenlandic word for a snowhouse (Igloo)

What is the connection with Greenland?

Answer: The Igdlo team consists of Icelanders and Greenlanders with a splash of Danes in there as well.

Where can we hire rental cars ?

Answer: Igdlo Car Rental is the perfect place to hire a quality rental car for a good price, please check http://carrental.igdlo.com for more details.

Can I park my car outside Igdlo Guesthouse?

Answer: Yes we got plenty of free parking outside the guesthouse.

Where can I rent bicycles for 1 or 2 days.

Answer: Igdlo Guesthouse offers bicycle rental for an affordable price, if you stay with us for 3 days or more you get one day free on one of our bikes.

I'm staying in Iceland for couple of weeks, can you recommend a place to rent apartments?

Answer: Igdlo Apartments has 7 quality apartments for a good price to hire for a week or more.

How can we travel to Greenland during our stay in Iceland?

Answer: Igdlo Travel can organize 1 day trips to customized 2 week trips.

We're a group of people who want to stay in Reykjavik for few days.

Answer: Igdlo Guesthouse has had many groups upto 40 people groups, we can organize guides and buses along with ideas of what to do every day. Check us out and you'll be surprised what can be done with a small budget.

Is it possible to do cooking at Igdlo Guesthouse?

Answer: The kitchen is free to use for all our guests between 10.00 - 21.00. 


Booking info

For bookings contact:

Igdlo Guesthouse

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Phone: (+354) 511 4646

E-mail: booking@igdlo.com